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Our guards are proud to work for Regal. Hear what they have to say about working here...

Since residing here I have run into this staff member numerous times and they have always been very polite, professional and helpfulKathleen - Resident
I want you to know it has always been my experience that one of the things that sets apart Regal is the care the employers have for the guardsAlex - Site Supervisor
I would like to thank Regal for my promotion. I'm very excited to be working with the team, and growing even more in Regal Security!Grace - Security Director
They are a great company and I am pleased to recommend them to any condominium.Jeff To - Ace Management Group Inc.
Whatever you ask of Regal, from owners', client service managers, and on site concierge/security guards, they are truly accommodating to ensure smooth and uninterrupted services are met. Moses Siele - Del Property Management Inc.
Its principals and executive support staff and guards have provided excellent service to our many clients who have contract security services with Regal.Wayne Klem - Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.
Anytime there has been a difficulty they dealt with it immediately. I find them to be very proactive. Always do site inspections.Brian Dos Santos - Duka Management Inc.
Changed in 2012 to Regal. Very happy. Always prompt with response and needs.Monica Gilkes - Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.
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