The world has become a place where security threats against people, cultures, property, assets, and companies are steadily escalating. Regal Security continuously monitors and assesses potential and developing risks. We anticipate and define new tactics, communications systems, logistics, and intelligence to meet the evolving protection and safety challenges of our contemporary neighbourhoods, urban, and global communities.

Concierge, patrol guard, inspections, surveillance, access control, loss prevention … every Regal security guard is specially selected, suited, and trained to provide the utmost in professional protection, response, and safety service.

Regal Security is committed to your peace of mind, your well-being, and your welfare at all times.

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Meet Our Everyday Superheroes™

Our security guards are proud to work for Regal. Hear what they have to say about working here...

Since residing here I have run into this staff member numerous times and they have always been very polite, professional and helpfulKathleen - Resident
I want you to know it has always been my experience that one of the things that sets apart Regal is the care the employers have for the guardsAlex - Site Supervisor
I would like to thank Regal for my promotion. I'm very excited to be working with the team, and growing even more in Regal Security!Grace - Security Director
They are a great company and I am pleased to recommend them to any condominium.Jeff To - Ace Management Group Inc.
Whatever you ask of Regal, from owners', client service managers, and on site concierge/security guards, they are truly accommodating to ensure smooth and uninterrupted services are met. Moses Siele - Balance Residential Management
Its principals and executive support staff and guards have provided excellent service to our many clients who have contract security services with Regal.Wayne Klem - Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.
Anytime there has been a difficulty they dealt with it immediately. I find them to be very proactive. Always do site inspections.Brian Dos Santos
Regal Security has provided fire watch coverage, mobile patrol service, and scale house operations to GFL for the past eight years. Their staff are professional, dedicated, reliable, and we are pleased with their level of service.Mo Razi - GFL Environmental East Corporation
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