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This is achieved by anticipating and evolving with the constant changes that occur in the security industry. Whether the changes are logistic, tactical or technological, Regal Security Inc. adapts quickly, offering its clients a real sense of trust and reliability.

Every member of the Regal security team, and every service that is carried out, is directed by the Regal guiding principle: Strength & Honor™. With this in mind, Regal’s security guards are known as Everyday Superheroes™ – they are friendly, well-trained and, most importantly, proud, as they go above and beyond the call of duty to uphold Regal’s high standards.

Operated by industry professionals, Regal Security understands the attention to detail necessary to provide the highest level of service in its field. Regal is aligned with a vast array of corporate partners and offers security services to a wide variety of properties and assets in many sectors such as private, residential, commercial, insurance, construction, retail and industrial.

Regal Security Inc. is a partner in maintaining or improving the value of any site. General safety, personal and property protection protocols, logistics, and efficient, detailed administration all have a positive impact on real estate value. Regal’s superior level of security service encourages the desirability of a site for owners, investors, buyers or leasees.


We specialize in urban manpower, security, and communications. Our recruiting policies include education requirements, licensing, physical ability, pre-employment screening, proficiency in verbal and written English language skills, satisfactory interview results, in-class training, and more.

Regal Security Inc.’s fundamental training prepares our security guards to become Everyday Superheroes™— guards armed with a unique set of skills to address a diverse range of interactions, from courteously answering questions to discreetly preventing a potential altercation. Training ranges from compulsory programs such as First Aid / CPR, WHMIS, Health & Safety, and technology training, to site-customized training, and any further specialization required. This ensures our security guards are not only well-equipped to provide superior security service to our valued clients on a customized basis, but also to support and prepare them for their career progress in the security industry.


Regal Security Inc. promotes guard pride through support and education based on the changing liabilities of the industry. Such initiatives include guidance, career advancement opportunities, health education for shift workers, and changing location and shift times to encourage employee engagement.


We are accessible 24 hours a day via phone, connecting you to a security professional for immediate response and resolution. Contact us to see how our experienced staff can provide the security services for your site across the greater Toronto area, Hamilton-Niagara, southwest Ontario, Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

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