Regal Security Inc. is an established and growing security company that offers a vast array of professional and dependable security guard services across the greater Toronto area, Hamilton-Niagara, southwest Ontario, Ottawa and eastern Ontario to these sectors:







Our Everyday Superhero™ guards are selected and trained to protect your assets, property, employees, tenants, and residents using a custom-designed security solution for every client within the sectors we serve.

Even before Regal assumes responsibility for security at any site, we are busy preparing for a complete and smooth transition by ensuring we understand the uniqueness of the site, its protocols, procedures, and that we have the appropriate security guards selected.
Regal security guards are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Ongoing meetings with our Client Relations Manager ensures continuous communication, a partner-like relationship, and that any concerns are addressed. Our Mobile operations personnel are on the road 24/7 to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Where appropriate, the addition of Regal’s cutting-edge technology complements and strengthens our guards’ security services and provides additional assurance by:

  • Completing Accountable Patrol Tours
  • Maintaining Organized Inspections
  • Training Guards / Tracking Certifications
  • Controlling Absenteeism and Tardiness
  • Automated Incident Reporting
  • Parking Control
  • Mobile Patrol Summaries
  • Service Requests

Regal Security Inc. is committed to your peace of mind™, your well‑being, and your welfare at all times. 

Contact us to find out how Regal can provide you with a complete and customized security program to protect all your property, people, and assets.

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Here are just a few of the many security guard services we offer to our clients:

  • Concierge
  • Executive Concierge
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • On-site Guarding
  • Mobile Security
  • Access Control
  • Gatehouse Security
  • Inspections
  • Patrols
  • Traffic Control
  • Contractor Escort
  • Security Training
  • Theft Deterrence & Prevention
  • Security Analysis & Consulting

Regal Security is ready to provide superior customer service with:

  • Site-specific Training
  • Best-in-class Management Support
  • Technology Solutions
  • 24/7 Operations Centre
  • Staff for Emergencies
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Theft Deterrence
  • Fire Safety
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • On-site Guarding

Regal Security Inc. Affiliate Companies

Regotec Systems Inc. is an electronic security company created to provide a wide range of standard and custom electronic and mechanical security solutions at very competitive pricing.

Regolive Monitoring Inc. supplies Remote Video Monitoring services, providing an enhanced level of security.