Regal Security Inc. Needs More Everyday Superhero™ Guards

The security guard industry is in hot demand as we witness the COVID-19 pandemic unfold.

This is why Regal Security Inc. in Toronto is on a big hiring campaign and they need more guards to fill the demand in security guard jobs.

Are you a former security professional? Regal requires your professional experience now!

The leading security firm has lots of jobs to fill in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and they are now even on-boarding former security guard professionals to help fill the gaps with new requests for services and absenteeism.

If you moved on to another career and find yourself out of work during these times of uncertainty, be certain that Regal Security can use your talents again. So, reach out to the firm right away to secure new employment.

The security industry is now experiencing a discernible, and measurable uptick in requests for services and it will remain this way for quite sometime as everyone navigates the challenges of a global pandemic.

While many enterprises in an array of sectors are seeing a major reduction in commerce, the security guard industry will continue to offer more work as businesses and organizations will continually need to find effective and innovative solutions on the security front.

Security guard jobs in Toronto and across the GTA: Work at Regal

Regal Security Inc. is now hiring top talent to join its team of Everyday Superhero™ guards. The firm is offering part-time and full-time work and they have lots of positions that’s need to be filled immediately.

The positions that Regal is offering include security guards, concierge guards, site supervisors, patrols guards, and mobile guards.

Regal offers competitive pay, extensive training, benefits package, superior management support, flexible work hours, career growth, and more! The company is also fast-tracking applications and they will place new guards in residential condos, commercial low and high-rise buildings, retail, and more.

If you apply today, their team will get back to you in a matter of hours!

If you are ready for a fulfilling career, visit their current openings at, or send your resume to

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